CCleaner Free Download for Windows 2024

CCleaner Free Download is a utility program to improve performance and clean computers and systems. CCleaner is a free and closed-source application launched by Piriform in 2004. Initially designed for Windows, it has expanded to other systems, though it excels in optimizing Windows systems. Its versatility enhances system performance on various devices.

This application is essential for computers because they gather files, archives, and programs, along with registries and junk that need elimination. Without cleaning, system problems can arise, affecting regular use until it becomes unusable Preventing it from being too slow or containing viruses or unwanted intruders.

CCleaner Free Download
App NameCCleaner
CategoryUtility Tools
Operating SystemWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & 8
ProcessorIntel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
PublisherPiriform Ltd
File Size74.55 MB

Overview of CCleaner

CCleaner, developed by Piriform an Avast subsidiary is a highly effective utility for optimizing and cleaning personal computers. Widely known for its efficiency, this tool swiftly removes unnecessary files and temporary data from hard drives. This program targets various files such as cookies, browsing history, and cache that accumulate through regular use and can potentially hinder system performance. CCleaner also features a registry cleaner that detects and resolves registry issues to increase system stability.

CCleaner goes beyond its core cleaning functionality to offer additional tools for managing startup programs and uninstalling software. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and ability to tailor cleaning preferences an indispensable asset in system health maintenance. While generally safe, exercise caution when using CCleaner to avoid accidentally deleting essential files or settings crucial for system stability.

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Features of CCleaner Free Download

CCleaner is an expert in improving computer performance, it can perform various cleaning and improvement functions, which has made it one of the most well-known and preferred programs by different users. Among its most notable features we can highlight the following:

  • It is capable of cleaning temporary Internet Explorer files, as well as cookies, history, cache, Index files, histories, etc. Likewise, Mozilla Firefox also deletes the information from some already saved forms, and the download history, among others. It is useful with search engines such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and all those that use Microsoft.
  • Performs cleanup functions such as emptying the Recycle Bin, Clipboard, Windows registry, and temporary files, as well as recent documents and running start menu history.
  • It can speed up and improve components such as search assistants, old memory dumps, as well as fragments of CDKSDK files, and office files.
  • Some of its advanced options are related to the cache order menu, as well as the cache notification tray, as well as user history, IIS logs, folders, etc.
  • You can clean different applications and obsolete files, as well as delete the settings of other devices that you no longer use.
  • Perform health and issue checks on applications, installers, MIU cache, fonts, application paths, old programs, help files, entries, extensions, etc.
CCleaner Free Download for Windows


Being a program to improve performance and optimize operation, it constantly performs various cleaning and evaluation tasks. Its various tasks aim to enhance team efficiency, grouped to fulfill specific functions.


Ccleaner is quite efficient in finding all types of junk, obsolete, temporary, and useless files and data, so you can delete them and free up space quickly. It can track them from the computer and from the browsers and Internet that the user uses, as well as the operating system and the installed programs. The program offers advanced cleaning options, allowing users to repeat the cleaning function up to 35 times.


The program performs a complete search within the system and locates and corrects the problems found, whether they are extensions, invalid addresses, malware, etc. Please back up your logs before deleting them so you can still find the fixed addresses you use.

Tools of CCleaner

Ccleaner is responsible for uninstalling the different useless or unnecessary programs, you can also change the name of the entries, and eliminate the program from the control panel without having to delete it from the system. It also includes the management of automatic start programs, and other advanced tools to improve their management.

Installation requirements

To download and install the program, it is not necessary to have high requirements. To begin with, it can be installed on all versions of Windows, both 32 and 64 bits. The program has its version for cell phones, which does not require any other requirements other than a little space. The size of the program is around 50 MB, so it is quite lightweight and integrates automatically.

System updates

When the program is updated, CCleaner will notify you of the new modifications and will give you the option to download the update. Even if it doesn’t notify you, checking it is easy, you just have to go to the program, locate the Options space, then Updates, look for the Control product updates option, and start the search and installation.

How to download CCleaner Free Download?

Downloading Ccleaner is simple, to do so you must go to the official website or search the portals that provide the program, like this one. Go to the download option or button, click it, and wait for the file to be hosted on your system. Once there, you must run it and start the program. With these simple steps, you will have Ccleaner at your disposal.

Price of CCleaner

CCleaner is a free program available to all users in different portals and versions. It is a program for home and personal use, this free version contains all the basic functions in terms of registration and cleaning.

The solution also has a paid version, this is the Professional, it contains advanced payment options, as well as better tools, you will be able to program and automate different options for periodic cleaning and greater security, the cost of this program is around 24.95 euros.

Benefits of CCleaner Free Download

Among the different advantages that a program like Ccleaner is capable of offering, we can find more than one benefit for our computers. Among these benefits, we can find some notable ones such as:

  • Analysis of logs and programs, files, and cookies.
  • Resolving DLL problems and failures.
  • Formatting storage units that require it.
  • Maintenance and performance optimization.
  • Freeing up space and cleaning up fragments

Alternatives of CCleaner

Glary Utilities

Set of tools to get the most out of your computer This solution is capable of managing different tools in a single system, it allows you to keep your system in optimal conditions for use, and it can be divided into several sections that are responsible for working on each of the areas of the system. Its tools are aimed at cleaning, repair, optimization, and analysis.

Ace Utilities

Clean your computer of cookies, temporary files, and unnecessary files. and improve its performance Ace is an easy-to-use and fast-acting solution for system cleaning and maintenance, it is capable of deleting logs and browsing histories, as well as analyzing and finding problems and solving them. You will be able to make your equipment faster and extend its lifespan while working in better conditions.

WinUtilities (GIVEAWAY)

Optimize system performance on your PC. Win Utilities is a highly functional tool for system maintenance and optimization. It is responsible for deleting browser histories and records, deleting cookies, and deleting all types of damaged, obsolete, unnecessary, or unwanted files. This way you will be able to increase space and make your computer much faster, protecting it from future damage and malware.

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Conclusion of CCleaner Free Download

Ccleaner is quite efficient at cleaning the system, which is why it is quite popular and recommended among users. It is capable of performing different functions for cleaning and maintenance, so if you have been looking for a program to improve the performance of your equipment, this is your best option. Although its free version has many limitations, it is best to purchase the paid version, which will allow you to perform all kinds of actions.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is the CCleaner program?

CCleaner is highly regarded for its efficiency in optimizing and cleaning up personal computers, effectively removing unnecessary files, and enhancing system performance.

How to install the free CCleaner program?

Installing the free version of CCleaner is straightforward: visit the official website, download the installer, run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions for a hassle-free installation.

What is the best PC cleaner?

CCleaner is often considered one of the best PC cleaners due to its effectiveness in cleaning up temporary files, and cookies and optimizing system performance.

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