Microsoft PowerPoint Free Download For Latest Version 2024

Among the multiple tools of the Microsoft Office Suite, PowerPoint stands out. Developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin, this office presentation software is preferred by professionals and students.

It is so easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface that many students use it to present in simple subjects. In addition, it is capable of creating complex compositions of text and images, with multimedia content, and is so easy to design and edit that it can make presentations. of projects, to be used in the trade report, presentation of results, and thesis supports, among others.

PowerPoint Download

Why Use Microsoft PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is the benchmark for presentation software. It allows you to format your ideas in order to present them clearly and precisely to your colleagues during meetings, to your students during lectures, to your friends during a souvenir evening, etc.

You can download background images to create your own layout or use one of the many presentation templates available for free. Stand out from the crowd by composing your own presentation, or make sure you have balanced and harmonious slides using the available templates.

Flexible and multi-platform, PowerPoint can be downloaded and installed on your computer, your smartphone, your touchscreen tablet, and your Surface tablet, which makes it easy to use thanks to the stylus. The application identifies your handwriting and carefully transcribes it on your slideshow.

Still with this display of tools in the form of a ribbon which has made the Microsoft Office Office suite famous, the interface, flexible and in French, presents all the main tools in the upper menu bar. Click a menu to see a list of each available tool. Via the Insert menu, users can add a new slide, insert a table, a drawing, a shape, an icon, a text box, an image, or an online video (you will need to have an internet connection during your presentation so that it can be viewed), comments, etc.

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Characteristics of MS PowerPoint

This presentation software stands out from the rest in being the pioneer in developing the system that allows the continuous presentation of its units, or slides. Furthermore, being the most used allows its updates and additional tools to be made increasingly better.

This allows it to serve as effective visual support, enabling the free creation of designs from scratch or the modification of established designs. It also facilitates the development of templates based on various motifs or themes and offers the possibility of inserting not only images but also multimedia content, hyperlinks, 2D animations, and 3D animations. Above all, this program allows for its use and viewing on any medium without requiring an Internet connection, a capability that its competitors have not attained.

Features Of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software that contains 3 specific functions:

  • It has an intelligent editor: It allows you to insert texts and modify them, in addition to editing the font format and all the text tools.
  • A system for inserting graphics and multimedia content: In addition to entering text, you can insert images and shapes. Now, it has added more advanced options, such as adding music and videos, even animations.
  • The presentation system: which shows one by one the slides that make up the presentation.

Due to these details, Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful tool in professional, educational, and even social environments.

Installation Requirements

The PowerPoint program is quite easy to use and install. The program is integrated into the Microsoft Office tools, so if you install the Office package you will have the program automatically, but you can also have it separately. The requirements will be the same.

Equipment with a minimum processor of 1GHz or more, RAM memory of 2 or 4 GB or more, 3 or 6 GB of available hard disk space, and screen resolution of 1280 x 800.

System Updates

The updates of this program are carried out together with those of the Microsoft Office suite, they are automatic and you do not have to carry out any procedure to have them.


The price of Microsoft 365, which includes the office package, is €7 per month or €69 per year if it is the personal version. With a full license, the price is €149.

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How To Download Microsoft PowerPoint For Free?

Downloading is simple. If you choose to purchase the Microsoft Office package, all you have to do is subscribe and download the package, run it on your computer and that’s it. If you choose to download PowerPoint separately, it requires the same steps, you can download PowerPoint for free on PC, and for mobile devices, you just have to go to the PowerPoint download option and start the installation.

Benefits Of PowerPoint

Among the many benefits that Microsoft Powerpoint offers, we can highlight the following:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Multiple options to create graphics and animate.
  • Allows viewing of videos, and playback of audio and music.
  • You can create, organize, and structure your presentation however you want.
  • You can view and edit the content without the need for an internet connection.
  • You can export your presentation in different formats besides the native one
  • You can download and print it, or save it as a video.
PowerPoint Full Verrsion

Alternatives to PowerPoint


This is a free online application that allows the creation and development of presentations dynamically, using only one canvas or workspace. Through the zoom it has, it presents each part of the canvas on which text and image are located, in addition to the multimedia option.


The presentation tool is a program that comes integrated into Apple devices. It boasts a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and straightforward. In addition, it has a gallery of templates, tools, and integrated functions. The animation and cinematographic effects have managed to give dynamism to the presentation. This program has 700 developed figures, in addition to a rehearsal function.


This software is really dynamic since the presentations you make are through animation. It allows you to manage images, drag and drop them, graphics, and more that will be automatically animated. This online program is free has a paid version with many more functions, and requires prior subscription or registration to use.

Conclusion Of Microsoft PowerPoint

Whether for school or closing important deals, downloading Microsoft Powerpoint for free is the best option. Thanks to its sophisticated tools and templates, it manages to transmit information in a simple, pleasant, and effective way. Obtaining Power Point^ to download for free is not only useful but also simple, from its installation to its use, its interface guides the work quickly. Versions such as PowerPoint 2016 included facilities for managing images and videos, now you can download PowerPoint 2018 for free to obtain more graphic and design resources. It is definitely the best presentation program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to download Microsoft PowerPoint from third-party websites?

It is strongly recommended to download PowerPoint only from the official website to ensure the authenticity and security of the software.

Can I use MS PowerPoint on multiple devices with one subscription?

Yes, many MS Office subscription plans allow you to use PowerPoint on multiple devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Are there any free alternatives to PowerPoint?

Yes, there are free alternatives like Google Slides and LibreOffice Impress, but they may have limitations compared to the full-featured PowerPoint.

Can I transfer my existing PowerPoint presentations to the latest version?

Absolutely! The latest version of PowerPoint is backward-compatible, meaning you can open and edit presentations created in older versions.

How often does Microsoft release updates for PowerPoint?

Microsoft regularly releases updates for its Office suite, to improve performance, and security, and add new features. These updates are typically delivered automatically to subscribers.

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